The beginning of leadership

Over the years I have always encouraged anyone who needed encouragement and or good word of advice. I pride myself on not providing direction or instruction that I would not follow myself. Often, as I am getting older friends, family and former co-workers would tell me how I take a moment to offer them some knowledge and a good word of advice. Here is just a few of examples of why I do what I do and that is encourage people to work on their heart, mind and body, particularly African-American men:

“  Michael ….”, My brotha, I am honored to be a part of that growth. We go back a long way from the hood playing football in the streets, playing at Southeastern little league, partying at State, City, Journeys and more, the apartment, my wedding in the ATL which you mentioned, you were there through the growth of my marriage and family and many more. I have truly witnessed a seed grow into a strong tree. I have witnessed a seed sprout roots in God which is the best foundation one can have. I have witnessed a trunk that continues to get stronger and stronger. I have witnessed branches grow from that trunk as your network of family, friends, colleagues, coworkers, and yes, foes have grown. Your education, knowledge and wisdom have increased. The limbs and leaves are ones which I often perch upon as I appreciate and trust your opinions and advice. Glenn, thanks for your friendship over the years and Your trust in me I value you and what we have.

 “Renee …..” , Glenn D. Andrews U make absolute sense! Thank u for the advice! I miss u n our convos at work…U really help me a lot! Glad we’re friends Glenn!”

“Doug ….” Happy New Year Black Man ….Jst FYI had Father2 Son talk with D… moments ago and it went well. Told him ur there for him as well he may have thought otherwise due to you checking him about the car stuff, but I know you got my back and my sons. Love U Bro. Peace….” ( names changed for privacy)

This is why I do what I do!! Although my business and services is diversified between business consulting, affiliate marketing, writing books, speaking and personal training. The foundation of what I do is to reach people authentically and with transparency. Everyone and every organization has a better representation themselves and it is up to each one of us to discover that authentic purpose. I have discovered my purpose, what is yours?


    1. Teej,

      I have been blessed, and is not difficult for me to help someone. The world is changing and you have to balance faith with trust.

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