Glenn D. Andrews

Colin Kaepernick: The crossroads of America, 2016.

The crossroads 2016…… I understand Colin Kaepernick’s position completely. Do the right thing, stand or kneel for something, or continue to manifest the lie. We all know what the Lie and Truth is. Nike Colin Kaepernick San Francisco 49ers Game Jersey Scarlet I have already told my wife what I want for Christmas.

Time for manifesting culture

Time for manifesting culture “African -American history you will discover pain, loss, strength, faith, violence, victimization, tears, joy, capture and freedom. However, within the power of these words are the actions of them all.  The black man must make conscious choices. This game is about mental, spiritual, financial, intellectual and physical fitness. In fact, the approach or goal should be high performance on all levels. But, it is not about

Learn how to play in the play pen! Not happening

Learn how to play in the play pen! Not happening Going Along to Get Along. The easiest way to survive and advance, of course, is to capitulate and do what the system expects. And the best way to do this is to become a sycophant: you renounce your own will in favor of that of your superiors. You accept this self-abasement as the price for furthering your career. This also

Here we go again !!! No means No.

Here we go again !!! No means No. When I was completing my first book I went into detail about the climate and environment that feeds into rape culture. For several reasons young men are not being taught to make honorable decisions. Instead of protecting a young lady in vulnerable situations, they become predators. This is excerpt from my book that I published 2013. “That Thang” There is an innate

Formal education is an asset not a liability

I continue to hear the discussion about the value or lack thereof of a college education. The discussion always center around the cost, getting a job and what you get from a formal education. I place this mentality right there next to those who have millions of dollars, who say money does not matter. Those with a formal collegiate education, technical school and millionaires who say after the fact say

I do Smile sometimes

Cooning is a verb derived from the word coon. A coon was/is a person of African decent whose sole purpose was/is to entertain white people. These ‘coons’ started out as wearing black face, characterized by having big eyes and painting big red lips on their face. These people would tap dance, play instruments and sing. Modern day coons are blacks who play stereotypical roles and black entertainers that promote ignorance.

Syncopation and rhythm

I had a conversation with a old friend utilizing direct messaging. It was late and I was reading a book when the friend sent me a message. For some reason my concern for this friends well-being did not translate into concern. For what it is worth, I have a concern for the health and well-being of anyone I come in contact with, family, friends and strangers. Those who know me, know my

Smart on Arrival

Smart on Arrival What would be better? To give birth to a young African American boy knowing the challenges he will face or to not comprehend the dilemmas? As I ponder this thought I considered a thought the great Frederick Douglas stated in The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: “I would at times feel that learning to read had been a curse rather than a blessing. It had

It takes effort to be free

Real Situations Do you truly wish to be free? Do you depend on the idea of talking about freedom? So that it pacifies the neglect of being accountable. Responsibility demands movement that is swift And rehearsed from of state mind that go towards The fire instead of running from the fire Most are afraid and a few are inspired but some Refused to be denied, refused to Quit In real

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