While in graduate school the topic of bringing together moral principles with improving business processes was a popular subject matter. The concept of moral intelligence and its main focus is the execution of moral principles in the business world. The way my brain operates, what works for an organization or business should also work in the African American community. Moral intelligence looks at leadership, integrity, the ability to have concern and value engagement. One of the areas highlighted was responsibility, and in a majority of the books on moral intelligence responsibility and accountability are most significant.  A philosophy I have adopted is no separation between what business is, and what is personal. There is no act or performance in professional social settings versus being at home. This may be a perspective that has come with age, however when you are “keeping it real” you do not have to cover your tracks. A foundation of moral intelligence is the establish pattern of being honorable and consistent with values and beliefs. The only problem with this is if you are totally off base and do not acknowledge it. However, if there is a moral standard to live by, then a goal of society would be to moral and emotional intelligence. –Glenn D. Andrews, G.A.M.


  1. I agree I think businesses/organizations have lost all ethics in a world that is only worried about money and profits. Ethics and moral responsibility is thrown out the window.

    1. Ronika,

      Out of all the business accounting and finance I had to do for my MBA, the class and topic that really stood out to me was Business Ethics and Morality. Once the program got into moral and emotional intelligence it opened my eyes to the business that can be made with leadership and integrity.

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