Sometimes there is too much negative noise. Sometimes we have to reach for some Miles Davis, Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers or some John Coltrane. While you are listening to the jazz, this would be a good time to read. Maybe read a book by W.E.B Du Bois, Dr. Benjamin Mays or Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. Maybe even the Wall Street Journal, Black Enterprise or the Bible. Sometimes this is what is needed to get to the next moment. History details how denying slaves the ability to read was a control mechanism. Now that the path to knowledge is available where can you go with this freedom? The lack of preparation for manhood and the residual effects of the fear of expectations must be overcome. The vast majority of African American men recognized that pursuing athletic endeavors based on ability is not subjective. If you are the best in football, basketball or baseball and any other sport the proof of skill is not decided behind closed doors. The assessment is spontaneous, linear and direct. It is great to see more brothers using sports as a means to other opportunities versus sports being the end game. Ironically, one of the reasons a majority of young black men do not pursue education formal or informal as a path to opportunity is because of a lack of scope of where education can take you. Underlying the perception of what is the self- concept of the black men? How can I be dignified and honorable in all that I do so that the assumption of the image is nobleness and not inhuman? The loss of dignity and the accountability to a personal moral authority are the character traits that have been loss. Because of the circumstances of history, at this very moment you change the present and the future.



    1. Ronika,

      I have found that jazz is the only music I can listen to when I am writing and reading. I am distracted with the other genres.

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