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My life has always evolved around physical fitness and wellness. Career and responsibilities often can take up so much of your time that eventually it will affect your health if you’re not eating healthy. My diet is 80/20, 80% healthy eating and 20% eating whatever I want. In my opinion (My opinion !!) The cross fit way of training is best all around way to take your body and conditioning to another level. I like the cross fit training, but I am old-school and weight lifting, and Powerlifting is what I enjoy most. Aerobic exercises such as rowing, cycling and jogging are my foundation. There are some fundamental foundations of what you should eat and should not eat, but you have to see a Doctor and get a complete physical, blood test, stress test and know what is going on with your body before your start rigorous physical activity. Specially with diet, for me I do have limited amounts of bread and dairy products, but at least every 90-120 days I will go from a Paleo diet to a Vitamix blender of fruits and vegetables (This is what works for me !!!!). If you want to improve your health, for some a boot camp and diving in is what works, but long term taking small steps and progressively moving to major steps will be healthier for the long run.

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  1. I could agree with you more about taking small steps to get where we want to be. Adults sometimes find themselves comfortable with their body and feel no need to change. As we become older and make those regular doctor visits, the doctors drop subtle hints that we need to exercise to gain a more healthy body. If you go to the doctor and he makes comments to you like, ” your blood pressure is a little high” or
    “you are a few pounds over for your age”, that’s a clue that exercise and diets need to happen. A small change in your diet is one of the first steps and

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