Do not neglect the core

There are several exercises that will improve your core like planks, sit-ups, knee-raises and crunches. You can do abdominal movements all day, but you still have to eat healthy, run/jog/walk and/or have great genetics. Some fitness fanatics do not do aerobics and can maintain a tight and strong core. But, some very good genetics have been passed down my family tree, but I still have to eat healthy and run, bike or row.  One of the best core/abdominal exercises is the abdominal wheel.  There are fancier ab wheels and simple ones – they all do the trick. For the beginner you have to be careful and stretch and build up your repetitions over time. YOU WILL BE SORE THE NEXT DAY!!!  -Glenn Andrews-

Music:  Gangstarr  “Skillsz ”  RIP (parental guidance strong language)

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