I am still dreaming


The black man must make conscious choices. This game is about mental, spiritual, financial, intellectual and physical fitness. In fact, the approach or goal should be high performance on all levels. But, it is not about ending in success, it is about being within the process and pursuit of success. Additionally, it is about those around you witnessing and observing you. There are no guarantees in life, but a little boy must have dreams, aspirations and hope. -Glenn D. Andrews-

What will they say about you when you are gone ?

African -American men must be on a life fulfilling missions with a sense of urgency. Too many lives and too much time has been wasted. If you died today, what would the preacher say at your service? Would the pastor be able to tell the truth? Or would the pastor have to be creative? Lie?  Our mission is a cultural parable that is simplistic. We are standing and existing in spite of everything in this universe.  We must weigh every choice and option and make good decisions, because this world will challenge you. Being about the missions is not about being afraid of challenges. It’s more about not being afraid to live; account for time and striving for more than what is expected of you. -Glenn D. Andrews-