Parallel Universe


In our experiences, black men do not realize that we must manage our destiny. We do not let someone else dictate our existence. Men, particularly black men should always be systematic, accountable and responsible.  In America, the image of the black man is first negative indifference, and nothing positive in the slope or trend line. Everything we do is a counter and the juxtaposition of something negative. So, we teach African-American children to prepare for negativity along with formal education versus preparing them for endless possibilities as the objective? Why do we not teach from the perspective of worldly aspirations? I realize we have to teach black children to live parallel lives because of historical and present day institutional barriers. So, the question becomes is this proper? -Glenn D. Andrews-


“Will you, _______, have _____ to be your wife/husband? Will you love her/him, comfort and keep her/him, and forsaking all other remain true to him/her as long as you both shall live?” (“I will”)

(Repeat) “I, ________, take thee ______, to be my wife/husband, and before God and these witnesses I promise to be a faithful and true wife/husband.”

(Rings) “With this ring I thee wed, and all my worldly goods I thee endow. In sickness and in health, in poverty or in wealth, ‘til death do us part.”

Over the last 22 years I have observed how my mom is taking care of my dad through a health crisis. Also, when my mom has faced a health crisis, it has been my dad who has been there for my mom. This week I had hernia surgery, although it is a simple surgery the recovery is anything but simple. My mom, dad and children are helping me with my recovery. My WIFE has managed this process and making sure I was O.K. I know what kind of family I have and we step up when there are challenges. What kind of family contract do you have in place for good times, as well as challenging times?


My Parents

My Parents


Cross fit Neal Maddox

I stated in previous posts how much I like Cross fit.  For all around training with a healthy diet there are not many organized and detailed programs that benefit men and women like Cross fit. There have been news reports of individuals rush into emergency care due to over training. I have found that this has come down two issues, the first a lack of instruction and trainer intervention. Second, some individuals pushed past their on physical limitations. This is the most difficult challenge when you are trying to improve your overall physical condition. But, it can be done – with this mind meet Mr. Neal Maddox.


Integrity and Words

Irony is one those words that come to mind when I think about life experiences and relationships.  In the heat moment we will say our significant other lied or betrayed us. But, if we were really in the moment and paying attention to the pattern the writing was on the wall.  Sometimes even a lie is the truth about an individual, so as the saying goes “Honesty is the best policy”, you just have to be aware.  Your words, sentences and declarations rather lie or truths are a reflection of you. It does not take a long time for and individual to reveal their true self if you are observant. Since October 1992, I have always told my wife who at the time I was dating, the time I would call her. At the time she would allow me to use her car, and I would bring it back to her with a full tank of gas and clean. Today, I will call my wife or send her a text to let her know my lunch schedule, running errands after work or leaving a meeting or event.  This is simple courtesy and concern and is reciprocal. I may not be the richest man on this earth, but I know the value of my words and the integrity that follows my name. If you do not have that in your relationship from the beginning, you have nothing. -Glenn D. Andrews-