Evolution of promises

One of the most difficult positions to be in is honorable, in a dishonorable environment. At times we accept malpractice of disengagement and devaluation of manhood, womanhood and humanity. This is a challenge of relationships in the home and in organizations. It could be that thinking independently as an individual within the collective is the only way to maintain your sanity. But, often there are observations of failures to deliver

Mind over body

A sense of self-worth should be based as much as possible on reality—-you shouldn’t just believe in yourself, but be able to point to real achievement. Educating your mind, sharpening your talents, and creating a physically superior body are all ways of realistically enhancing your self esteem. ( Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Moral Intelligence

While in graduate school the topic of bringing together moral principles with improving business progress is a popular subject matter. The concept is called moral intelligence and its main focus is the execution of moral principles in the business world. The way my brain operates, what works for an organization or business should also work in the black community. Moral intelligence looks at leadership, integrity, the ability to forgive, care

Why we do what we do

That black man must live a life that is symbolic. The representation of your better self should always be the objective. The role of each of us is to continue to pass the best of what we offer the world to the next person. As we create these relationships, those recipients of our best will know that they have been touched by greatness. The greatness is that unique sense of


G.A.M. CHRONICLES ( GROWN ASS MAN CHRONICLES)  Children are the only future of any people. If the children’s lives are squandered, and if the children of a people are not fully developed at whatever cost and sacrifice, the people will have consigned themselves to certain death. They will be destroyed from without or from within – by the attack of their own children against them. And they may be destroyed