About me

My name is Glenn D.  Andrews and I am a husband, father, son and more importantly a grown man. I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, grew up in San Diego, California and now live outside of Atlanta, Georgia.  The most important decision in my life was to come to Atlanta and to Morehouse College.  The perspectives and discussions on this blog are a collection of my life experiences, observations, failures and successes.  I had an adult life prior to Morehouse College and then after with my career and personal experiences in corporate America.  Morehouse College instilled the knowledge, character, honor, confidence and leadership that has enabled me to define my existence.  Anything in this world I decide that I want to do , I do like getting a Master’s degree, to building a hot rod, writing a book, physical fitness trainer, mentor to young brothers and sisters and now the G.A.M. Chronicles Blog. The G.A.M. Chronicles blog is straight from my heart and soul. This blog has all come together with the support of family but, I owe Akhenaton Hotep Benzo a big thank you for the direction, consulting and the conversations. The conversations evolve around the life and decisions Grown Black Men make good or bad, and that we have to make better choices.  Our communities and families are suffering because of the bad choices, I do not have all the answers but I do have a few.  My blog is un-apologetic, un-compromising and bare bones. Welcome, and enjoy the ride. 

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Glenn D. Andrews