A song and A poem, Time

There was a moment in my life where I wasted time. Now I realize how invaluable the moments of time really are. It really becomes apparent how and who you spend your time with, because quality time is an investment in your humanity.  -Glenn D. Andrews-

I’ve only just a minute,

Only sixty seconds in it,

Forced upon me–can’t refuse it.

Didn’t seek it, didn’t choose it,

But it’s up to me to use it.

I must suffer if I lose it,

Give account if I abuse it.

Just a tiny little minute

But eternity is in it.

(Benjamin E. Mays, Just a minute)

For all we know
We may never meet again
Before you go
Make this moment sweet again

We won’t say goodnight
Until the last minute
I’ll hold out my hand
And my heart will be in it

For all we know
This may only be a dream
We come and we go
Like the ripples of a stream

So love me, love me tonight
tomorrow was made for some
tomorrow may never come
for all we know

(Donny Hathaway, For all we know)

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