The n word

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There are million stories and events some we have heard of and many more personal. I really have no care about the latest events that surround the Miami Dolphins and L.A. Clippers. However, this idea of the n*****word being thrown around as if it is o.k. Amongst African Americans is a LIE! I love Hip Hop, but every time I hear the n’word I cringe. Yes, Chris Rock had his joke about two kinds of black folk, and even Richard Pryor with his brilliance and weakness had a different perspective after a trip to Africa. These events are a confirmation of an educational failure, a people of loss and a lack of knowing the truth.  Anyone who uses the word lets me know they have no clue of where they are, who they are and why they exist. As I was thinking about this topic I wanted to find historical event and stories that could shine a light on why this word has no place. Taking this word out of your vocabulary is not going to change how other people see African Americans, it may not stop crime and it may not improve the economic conditions of the black community. But, this word is evil and it has a connection with homicide and genocide. So, those who think this is a word of endearment add another word that reflects your consciousness and humanity-Suicide. – Glenn D. Andrews- 



noun \ˈkär-mə also ˈkər-\

: The force created by a person’s actions that is believed in Hinduism and Buddhism to determine what that person’s next life will be like

: The force created by a person’s actions that some people believe causes good or bad things to happen to that person

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 My wife was listening  to Steve Harvey’s radio show this morning, and the question of what would you choose if someone offered you a lump sum of money in the exchange of your loved one.  The answer was easy for me because I understand KARMA.  What I have come to understand is when you do good deeds, good deeds will happen. To the contrary, when you do something that as wrong, wrong will come back on you.  It happens all the time when you see people who win the lottery – they let wealth and material things destroy relationships and friendships.  But, money also brings out the true character of individuals good or bad. So, when you understand karma realize you are the energy source for positive action and recourse.  By the way, there is not enough money on this planet that can be exchanged for my wife. – Glenn D. Andrews-

Parallel Universe


In our experiences, black men do not realize that we must manage our destiny. We do not let someone else dictate our existence. Men, particularly black men should always be systematic, accountable and responsible.  In America, the image of the black man is first negative indifference, and nothing positive in the slope or trend line. Everything we do is a counter and the juxtaposition of something negative. So, we teach African-American children to prepare for negativity along with formal education versus preparing them for endless possibilities as the objective? Why do we not teach from the perspective of worldly aspirations? I realize we have to teach black children to live parallel lives because of historical and present day institutional barriers. So, the question becomes is this proper? -Glenn D. Andrews-


“Will you, _______, have _____ to be your wife/husband? Will you love her/him, comfort and keep her/him, and forsaking all other remain true to him/her as long as you both shall live?” (“I will”)

(Repeat) “I, ________, take thee ______, to be my wife/husband, and before God and these witnesses I promise to be a faithful and true wife/husband.”

(Rings) “With this ring I thee wed, and all my worldly goods I thee endow. In sickness and in health, in poverty or in wealth, ‘til death do us part.”

Over the last 22 years I have observed how my mom is taking care of my dad through a health crisis. Also, when my mom has faced a health crisis, it has been my dad who has been there for my mom. This week I had hernia surgery, although it is a simple surgery the recovery is anything but simple. My mom, dad and children are helping me with my recovery. My WIFE has managed this process and making sure I was O.K. I know what kind of family I have and we step up when there are challenges. What kind of family contract do you have in place for good times, as well as challenging times?


My Parents

My Parents