Never Scared

Never scared to learn,

Never scared to do right,

Never scared to try,

Never scared to fail,

Never scared to be African American,

Never scared to be a Man,

Never scared of a challenge,

Never scared to be a Father,

Never scared to be a friend,

Never scared to Love,

Never scared to be a husband,

Never scared to lead,

Never scared to be unselfish,

Never scared to be honest,

Never scared to keep it real,

Never follow the pack,

Never scared to die,

Never scared to live life and take a chance.

-Glenn D. Andrews-

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Bar Park

This picture brings a smile to the face to those involved in physical fitness. This is homemade fitness equipment in a backyard patio. I found this photo and the plans to build something similar in my backyard. Removing P. E.  from elementary and middle schools is one of the worst things to happen to children and young kids outside of the academic challenges.  I hope to get busy on my backyard exercise bars in the spring. –Glenn D. Andrews- (Photo from a Google search)


Do you really want the truth?

I had to ask myself, do women really want honesty from a man? Can men honestly tell the truth? It was not that I was a practitioner of dishonesty, but I delayed delivering the truth.  In preparing to come to Morehouse College, I had already begun to de-construct my life as I know it.  I had to find my purpose in life and that my relationships had to be a reflection of my humanity and manhood. What became most significant to me was how my time on this planet was utilized.  I no longer put myself in situations where I felt my time was dis-respected. Establishing this position, I no longer involve myself with women if I felt I was wasting their time. Ego can work against you and it can work for you if its origin comes from a sincere space. That space must be about concern, growth, improvement and most of all respect. There has to be respect. -Glenn D. Andrews-

Preparing for HIT workout

In order to increase my bench pressing overall I am focusing on all the other areas like triceps, shoulders, back and oddly enough legs. I have found that focusing on an incline dumbbell pressing increase your strength and power over all.  I am improving my bench press strength. (IMHO). –Glenn D. Andrews- (Music –Royce Da 59 – Hip Hop.)