Do not neglect the core

There are several exercises that will improve your core like planks, sit-ups, knee-raises and crunches. You can do abdominal movements all day, but you still have to eat healthy, run/jog/walk and/or have great genetics. Some fitness fanatics do not do aerobics and can maintain a tight and strong core. But, some very good genetics have been passed down my family tree, but I still have to eat healthy and run,

Remember these young brothers

College athletes’ honesty caught on security camera   Steroid scandals, murder charges and accusations of autograph peddling. Now how about a good news story from the world of sports? Four football players from William Paterson University went shopping at a general store in Wayne, N.J., on Sunday afternoon. After spending several minutes trying to locate the store clerk, two of the players who needed sunglasses and batteries were captured on store security cameras leaving

The Black Prince

I am motivated by different individuals, philosophies, perspectives and stories.  Everyone is familiar with Arnold Schwarzenegger, but there are others in the health and fitness community, particularly bodybuilding that I admired for the dedication and training knowledge.  So I will introduce you to the individuals you may not have heard of before and their training ideas.  The very first Muscle Fitness magazines I bought when I was about 16 years


The reflection of resilience in withstanding the condemnation does not go un-notice. Every day there attempts to remind us to “stay in our place”. I have an aversion and immunity to this “place”.  I know what runs through my veins and my spirit. Moreover, I know what does not run through my heart –and this fear. Do not fear what they already think of you, be resilient and they will