The right to be angry !

I know for a fact there are African-American Men taking care of their families, working, running organizations, worshipping the ground black women walk on and representing manhood in the best possible way. Yet, if you only watch and listen to the media it is negative or nothing.  This state of affairs is un-acceptable and at all times should be rejected. Therefore, you are correct! I am an angry black man! But, what is significant I am a man that has the right to be angry with the conditions and perceptions of me. So, when I hear a black woman state she is angry I understand. -Glenn D. Andrews

My external motivation

I was a “chubby kid “, up until puberty. But, early on my father had a plastic weight set from Sear’s and a few steel weights. Once, puberty kicked in Jack La Lane had an early morning workout show and I got it. I was able to make the physical fitness awareness between my father and fatherhood.  There was a time before and just after my son was born, in pursuit of the American dream I forgot about my physical and mental fitness.  After a complete physical, family history and observing brothers my age starting to pass away I had to reach back into my early days from working out with Vincent Burton, Marcus Coney, David DY York and Rand Chatman.  This is what motivates me beyond the age of 50.  The strongest man you never heard of and the Senegal community finding a way to exercise without fancy fitness equipment.– Glenn D. Andrews –

(Warning: C.T.  Fletcher language is hard parental discretion is advised)


Every man and woman has a life pattern. From Sunday to Saturday and 24 hours a day. I was taught early on by my father that your handshake, words and actions are a reflection of what and who you are. As old fashioned as it sounds “honesty is the best policy”, along with being sincere, un-selfish and polite. There are no secrets, everyone has a pattern and it flows naturally.  You can observe respect and dis-respect, but the choice is yours to accept that pattern. There are no secrets. Glenn D. Andrews

Set Goals


405 lbs.

Determining your personal health and fitness goals is one of the most critical steps needed to facilitate your success in taking an active role in your health and well-being. The importance of this step cannot be overstated.The probability of success is far greater when you define what the end result should look like prior to beginning the task. This being said, you will want to define both your short-term and long-term personal fitness goal. When defining your personal health and fitness goals you will want to make sure that it is actually possible to achieve the various goals that you have set within the timeframe you have specified. (

My personal goal is to bench press 405 lbs. I benched 405 lbs. Once 23 years ago, and this is a realistic goal for me. Some may think this is crazy! This is possibly true, but I am working towards this goal. Glenn D. Andrews

Are you the solution ?

I have learned that African -American women have a fragile energy source in their hearts and souls. It is the origin of their strength, energy, love, compassion, intelligence and patience. That core is the energy for sisters being brilliant and nurturing. This energy makes them great leaders in the business world and most significant –Mothers.  Men often take advantage of a females pure source of love and energy.  Instead of looking at women, particularly black women as the force to improve my human consciousness, we have begun to take that encounter as a hunter, no longer to be captured, but to be misused. That ease in which a man attempt to control the energy of women has done damage to our relationships, particularly in the African-American community. We know how to use money, titles, and presentations to disguise a lack of manhood. If you analyze what has happened over the last 30 to 40 years there has emerged a mutation of the black male-female relationship that has at times been adversarial. I easily could have been part of the problem, and was on my way. However, I was blessed with parents who always told me to do what it is right. Also, I did a lot of soul searching and I had to change my behavior. I made many immature mistakes as a single young man, but as a grown married man there are no accidents or mistakes.Glenn D. Andrews